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Jude Hayward-Jansen is a Visiting Lecturer in English at Mount Holyoke College. They received their PhD from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a graduate certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies in 2023. Positioned at the intersections of Queer Studies, American Studies, and South African Literature, Jude's research looks at the relationships between the United States and South Africa, queerness/sexuality and history, and whiteness and conservative religious politics. They have published on queerness and whiteness and queerness and children. 

An educator first, Jude has worked with youth in various contexts--from primary and secondary schools to wilderness programs. Whether in the woods or in the college classroom, Jude approaches teaching as a collective practice and learning as a democratic process of building relationships across difference. Jude's CV is here.

While they have lived in western Massachusetts for more than a decade, Jude was raised in southeastern Tennessee, in between the Tennessee River Valley and the Cumberland Plateau.   

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